What does the 5-card PLO membership grant me access to?

The 5-card PLO membership gives you access to our 5-card PLO Trainer, any sims uploaded into the app, our existing 5-card PLO content and one new weekly video. You also get access to member Discord access channels.

As of January 26 2023, we offer the following 6-max (no ante) at 20bb, 50bb, 100bb, and 200bb. 6-max (w/ ante) at 100bb for RFI w/ ante and RFI w/o ante, 6-max 100bb Straddle Pot Size and 3x RFI.. And heads up preflop at 50bb, 75bb and 100bbs (for three different rake structures).

We also have several thousand flop sims available check them out here 

We just launched our first batch of turns and rivers sims check them out here

You can browse and train any of the ranges included in our sims to improve your decision-making.

The 5-card PLO Trainer app works in-browser so no downloads are required.

The 5-card PLO membership does not include access to other PLO Mastermind 4-card PLO content or software.