What flops are available in the 5-card PLO Trainer?

Find below all of the flop sims we have released into the 5-Card PLO Trainer. 

Please find below what flops have been added so far. We are continuously running more simulations which will be added to the software once they are completed. 


Single Raised Pots IP 50bb - EP vs BB, CO vs BB, BTN vs BB, SB vs BB

Single Raised Pots OOP 50bb - EP vs BTN, CO vs BTN

3-Bet Pot IP 50bb - BU vs EP, BU vs CO, BB vs SB

3-Bet Pot OOP 50bb - SB vs EP, SB vs CO, SB vs BU

Single Raised Pots IP 100bb - BTN vs BB, CO vs BB, EP vs BB,

Single Raised Pot OOP 100bb - CO vs BTN, EP vs BTN, EP vs BTN, SB vs BB

3-Bet Pot IP 100bb - BTN vs CO, BTN vs EP, BB vs SB

3-Bet Pot OOP 100bb - SB vs BTN, SB vs CO, SB vs EP

4-Bet Pot IP 100bb - EP vs SB, CO vs SB, BTN vs SB

4-Bet Pot OOP 100bb - EP vs BTN, CO vs BTN, SB vs BB

Flop textures available for each scenario

We use a subset of 50 flops for every scenario

Unpaired: 25

Straight: 10

Paired: 10

Monotone: 5