High Stakes PLO Roadmap


Greetings and a warm welcome to the PLO Mastermind, high stakes players! We're honored to have you join us, and your confidence in our program is truly appreciated. Your decision to become a part of the PLO Mastermind marks the initial stride toward optimizing your poker journey, whether you're a seasoned high stakes professional or someone who enjoys the game as a serious hobby.

We're thrilled to commence this exciting venture with you, extending our unwavering support and expert guidance every step of the way. Whether you're seeking assistance with advanced strategic insights or looking for direction in elevating your high stakes poker career, please feel free to connect with us at any time. Discord serves as the most convenient platform for communication. Let's conquer those high stakes tables together!

Please join our community of PLO players so that you can stay up to date with the latest going on in Pot Limit Omaha and the PLO Mastermind.

  • Discord - Join our server and sync your access to exclusive PLO Mastermind member channels by Connecting your Discord at our #member-access channel. If you have never used Discord before check out our step by step guide to using it.

How to Get Started with the PLO Mastermind

To our esteemed high stakes players entering the PLO Mastermind, we want to underscore a crucial point: don't let the extensive resources available overwhelm you. We acknowledge that the abundance of content may seem substantial, but rest assured, we are fully committed to providing comprehensive support as you embark on your high-stakes poker journey. To facilitate your navigation, we've tailored some recommendations specifically with high stakes PLO players in mind. Welcome to the high-stakes action!

  • Preflop Strategy - Getting your preflop game right is essential for excelling in PLO. This series is designed to help you improve your preflop skills by teaching you the most important concepts. We'll cover the basics of GTO (Game Theory Optimal), practical adjustments, and strategies for deep stack play.
  • High Stakes Explained - Dive into our latest video series where our PLO Mastermind coaches break down high-stakes poker action. We're talking big pots, loads of cash on the table, and plenty of strategic takeaways. Get ready for some real-money insights and up your game with this no-nonsense, high-stakes poker series.
  • Every Hand Solved - Get ready for a deep dive into the world of Game Theory Optimal (GTO) in this poker series. If you're a fan of solver work, this one's tailor-made for you! Our coaches dissect every hand using Monkersolver and/or PLO Trainer, providing a comprehensive look at GTO strategies. Even if you're not a GTO enthusiast yet, you might just become one after tuning into this series!
  • Session Reviews - Join our PLO Mastermind coaches in this series as they guide you through  reviewing poker sessions. Discover how to reflect on your gameplay, conduct effective reviews, and extract valuable lessons. Learn the ins and outs of enhancing your skills by following a structured process, making pertinent notes, and leveraging the right tools for optimal improvement. Elevate your game with practical insights in this PLO series.
  • Dual Reviews - In this series, PLO Mastermind coaches team up to review recorded sessions at different stakes and against various types of opponents. It's a fun way to learn more about PLO and get to know all the coaches in the PLO Mastermind. Don't miss the videos focused on small stakes – they're worth checking out!

PLO Trainer Software

PLO Trainer is our web-based, mobile-friendly PLO GTO training and analysis software that will help you to take your game to the next level. PLO Trainer is a tool built by poker players for poker players and is accessible to you now that you are signed up to the PLO Mastermind. It helps you to break down the game into building blocks and learn heuristics, and includes our custom preflop categories and automatic strength buckets. See PLO Trainer tutorials.

Preflop Training

PLO Trainer gives you the option to train and study preflop ranges for midstakes Pot Limit Omaha. Using the right preflop solution for this is key. Below you will find our recommendations based on the rake paid in these environments.

PLO Trainer Profile
5%, 1,5bb cap 6-Max GG Poker PLO 500-2000
4,5%, 0,06bb cap 6-Max Pokerstars PLO 5000
  • 4-Card PLO Skills: currently a module within PLO Trainer. Get instant feedback in an optimized training environment. Track your accuracy per skill and improve your game. Currently only preflop, but postflop coming soon.
  • 4-Card Preflop Helper: Discord bot for members, that shows how a specific PLO combination is played from different positions and scenarios.

Getting the Most Out Of PLO Trainer

Other than the PLO Trainer tutorials, we suggest that you watch the following videos:

For any questions or help, feel free to reach out to support@plomastermind.com or on Discord.