Small Stakes PLO Roadmap

    Where to start? 

    Below are the courses we recommend to begin with as a Small Stakes player. These courses provide an insight into the teaching methods used within the PLO Mastermind, as well as opening your eyes to the strategies required to crush Small Stakes PLO .

    - Crushing Small Stakes PLO - New course in 2020, exploring the strategies required to crush Small Stakes PLO.

    - 10-Week Transformation - In depth, course to help build the skill set and mentality required to crush PLO. Covers 4 key areas; Tactics, Optimisation, Mental Game and Strategy.

    - Escape The Micros - Provides insight into bankroll management, how to adjust your preflop ranges, as well as how to create an edge in Small Stakes games by being aware of player tendencies and rake structures.

    - Multiway Single Raised - Focuses on how we should navigate in these scenarios vs two opponents out of position.

    - Multiway 3-bet pots - With a lot of 3-bet pots going multiway in Small Stakes PLO, this course introduces what solid strategies look like in these situations and how you should play your range depending on the board texture.

    - Member Reviews 2.0 - JNandez reviews members' gameplay and database to help prioritise leaks and put you on the path to developing your own study routine. 

    Practical Courses

    It’s important to mix up your study routine with practical and theoretical content. Play & Explains are a great way to do this, with easily digestible content where the coaches put into action the theoretical strategies discussed within the courses above.

    - Crushing PLO100 - This course teaches you all about the lines that will and will not work when playing PLO100, looking at the best times and days to play, what you can expect from these stakes, and most importantly how to crush these stakes!

    - Crushing PLO200 - JNandez discusses the adjustments that should be made to the opposition within this pool as well as the rake structure and breaks down the player pool tendencies.

    - P&E Reloaded  - This course provides you with in- game thought processes, real time in-game adjustments and post game breakdowns of troubling hands. You will learn from these videos how to approach playing 3-bet and multiway spots in practice. 

    Theory Courses

    The courses below are the polar opposite of your practical courses, the focus here is heavily on the theoretical side of PLO and are built around presentations that provide a lot of GTO/Solver output as well as fundamental strategies in order to improve your overall game.

    - 3-Bet PLO Blueprint - Within this 10 hours of content you will begin to learn GTO postflop strategy through 3-bet pots via the most common scenarios.

    - Single Raised Pots - This course is focused on teaching you the principles behind single raised pots.

    - Deepstack Bootcamp - New course in 2020, similar to the shortstack bootcamp, however this course is focused on deepstack poker, looking at how you can expand your 3-betting range the deeper you are when in position to begin with, as well as various other areas going forward.

    - Shortstack Bootcamp- Teaches you the benefits of shortstacking, regarding the variance and win rates, as well as how to develop the correct preflop ranges by understanding the key differences between various different stack sizes.

    - Study Streams - New course in 2020, JNandez dives deep into how to study PLO and improve your game and understanding of it. 


    We have many resources available within the PLO Mastermind that can improve both your preflop and postflop game. The ones that will be most useful for you in the Small Stakes games starting out can be found below.

    - Preflop Helper - Available within our members section on Discord the preflop helper provides immediate responses to preflop situations providing you with immediate feedback on how to play a hand.

    - Preflop Chart 100bb - Low Rake Structure (PLO50) - A preflop chart dedicated specifically to PLO50 providing a detailed document of the ranges of hands you should and should not play from certain positions.

    - HM3 6Max HUD - NEW - Pre built HUD created by JNandez that includes all the important stats for pre and post flop to save you the time in having to create your own. 


    Finally we have our communities, these are important to become a part of, in order to further your game as outlined below.

    - Discord - Join the member channels (Direct Message ADelaney#7944) to access the Preflop Helper and member channels. The Preflop Helper is a tool that is incredibly beneficial to improve your preflop ranges.

    - Progress Blog - Creating a progress blog is a great way to hold yourself accountable for your goals as well as meet and engage with other members of the PLO Mastermind community.

    - Forum - The forum provides you with a place to discuss strategy, mindset, review hand histories, or just a place to chill out, meet other members of the PLO Mastermind community and form friendships with people that have the same goals as you, to crush PLO.

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