Getting Started / Small Stakes Roadmap


We appreciate your enrollment and are grateful for your trust in our program. By joining the PLO Mastermind, you have taken the initial step towards optimizing your poker career, regardless of whether you aspire to be a professional player or simply enjoy poker as a pastime.

We are excited to start this journey alongside you, offering our full support and guidance at every step. Whether you require assistance with strategic inquiries or seek direction on your poker progression, please feel free to reach out to us at any time.

Please join our community of PLO players so that you can stay up to date with the latest going on in Pot Limit Omaha and the PLO Mastermind.

  • Discord - Join our server and sync your access to exclusive PLO Mastermind member channels by Connecting your Discord at our #member-access channel. If you have never used Discord before check out our step by step guide to using it. 

Getting Started (Video series)

Our foremost message to you is this: Do not allow the wealth of resources within the PLO Mastermind to overwhelm you. We understand that the amount of content may appear substantial, but rest assured, we are committed to providing you with comprehensive guidance throughout your journey. Below, we have outlined some recommendations tailored specifically for small stakes PLO players.

The video series below can be found within the Getting Started section from the 4-Card PLO dropdown menu.

  • Crushing Small Stakes PLO - This video series is dedicated to the analysis of preflop and postflop strategies, with a particular focus on these specific game types. Throughout the series, we remain acutely aware of the overarching player tendencies within these loose and passive player pools. Our approach includes a balanced combination of practical, real-world examples and theory-based lessons, all designed to equip you with the essential tools required to excel in these games and facilitate a swift rise through the stakes.
  • Preflop Strategy - Getting your preflop game right is essential for excelling in PLO. This series is designed to help you improve your preflop skills by teaching you the most important concepts. We'll cover the basics of GTO (Game Theory Optimal), practical adjustments, and strategies for deep stack play.
  • 10-Week Transformation - This comprehensive course is tailored for dedicated PLO players seeking to fortify their skill set and cultivate the mindset necessary for achieving mastery in PLO. The course delves into four pivotal domains: Tactics, Optimization, Mental Game, and Strategy. We strongly recommend this course to individuals who have already accumulated a substantial level of experience in PLO and are determined to elevate their game to new heights, guided by JNandez.
  • Dual Reviews - In this series, PLO Mastermind coaches team up to review recorded sessions at different stakes and against various types of opponents. It's a fun way to learn more about PLO and get to know all the coaches in the PLO Mastermind. Don't miss the videos focused on small stakes – they're worth checking out!
  • Member Reviews - In this series, we examine the gameplay and database of PLO Mastermind members. Our coaches demonstrate the process of dissecting and addressing the weaknesses in players' strategies, a method that can be applied to self-analysis as well. A significant portion of these episodes involves evaluations of small stakes players, making them particularly beneficial for your viewing and learning experience.

PLO Trainer Software

PLO Trainer is our web-based, mobile-friendly PLO GTO training and analysis software that will help you to take your game to the next level. PLO trainer is a tool built by poker players for poker players and is accessible to you now that you are signed up to the PLO Mastermind. It helps you to break down the game into building blocks and learn heuristics, and includes our custom preflop categories and automatic strength buckets. See PLO Trainer tutorials.

Preflop Training

PLO Trainer gives you the option to train and study preflop ranges for Small Stakes Pot Limit Omaha. Using the right preflop solution for this is key. Below you will find our recommendations based on the rake paid in these environments.

PLO Trainer Profile
5%, 4bb cap 6-Max Pokerstars PLO 50
5%, 2bb cap 6-Max GG Poker
5%, 1,5bb cap 6-Max Pokerstars PLO 200
  • 4-Card PLO Skills: currently a module within PLO Trainer. Get instant feedback in an optimized training environment. Track your accuracy per skill and improve your game. Currently only preflop, but postflop coming soon.
  • 4-Card Preflop Helper: Discord bot for members, that shows how a specific PLO combination is played from different positions and scenarios.

Getting the Most Out Of PLO Trainer

Other than the PLO Trainer tutorials, we suggest that you watch the following videos:

For any questions or help, feel free to reach out to or on Discord.