Getting Started Roadmap

    Getting Started

    The courses below can be found on your PLO Mastermind Dashboard under the videos tab and within the Getting Started section. We believe that these courses are the best to getting started in PLO. 

    The Launchpad - Perfect for a PLO beginner or a No Limit Hold'Em player wanting to transition into PLO to learn the basic fundamentals.

    - How to Study PLO - Learn what softwares and tools you should use to study PLO, as well as what exactly you should be studying when it comes to improving your PLO game in all areas. Finally learn how to study effectively.

    - Crushing Small Stakes PLO - New course in 2020, exploring the strategies required to crush Small Stakes PLO focusing on both preflop and postflop.

    - 10-Week Transformation - In depth, course to help build the skill set and mentality required to crush PLO. Covers 4 key areas; Tactics, Optimisation, Mental Game and Strategy.


    We have many resources available within the PLO Mastermind that can improve both your Preflop and Postflop game. The ones that will be most useful for you in the Small Stakes games starting out can be found below.

    - Preflop Helper - Available within our members section on Discord the Preflop helper provides immediate responses to Preflop situations providing you with immediate feedback on how to play a hand.

    Preflop Chart 100bb - Low Rake Structure (PLO50) - A preflop chart dedicated specifically to PLO50 providing a detailed document of the ranges of hands you should and should not play from certain positions.

    HM3 6Max HUD - NEW - Pre built HUD created by JNandez that includes all the important stats for pre and post flop to save you the time in having to create your own. 


    Finally we have our communities, these are important to become a part of, in order to further your game as outlined below.

    - Discord - Join the member channels (Direct Message ADelaney#7944) to access the Preflop Helper and member channels. The Preflop Helper is a tool that is incredibly beneficial to improve your Preflop ranges.

    If you have never used Discord before check out our step by step guide to using it. 

    - Progress Blog - Creating a progress blog is a great way to hold yourself accountable for your goals as well as meet and engage with other members of the PLO Mastermind community.

    - Forum - The forum provides you with a place to discuss strategy, mindset, review hand histories, or just a place to chill out, meet other members of the PLO Mastermind community and form friendships with people that have the same goals as you, to crush PLO.

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