Switching or Upgrading Your Membership (Pro-rata Upgrade)

Please consider our system only allows you to have 1 membership at a time, so you may also only have either one monthly or yearly membership. If you require an exception, please contact support@plomastermind.com before proceeding.

Where to Upgrade

You can upgrade your PLO Mastermind membership at any time throughout the year via our PLO Mastermind pricing or other checkout pages.

How the Charge is Calculated (Pro-Rata)

The price that you will be charged is determined on a pro-rata basis if you already have an active subscription. The exact value and amount owed will always be shown written on the "terms" line on the checkout page of any of our memberships.

Upgrading from a Monthly to a Yearly Membership (or Black Friday deal):

Near the top of the checkout page, you'll see in the terms automatically adjust the price you will be charged on a pro-rata basis. For example, if you want to upgrade from a monthly membership to a yearly, but you still have 15 days left on your monthly period, those 15 days will automatically convert into a monetary amount and deducted from the amount owed. For example, if the 15 days are valued at ~$100, then you will see the yearly membership costing $1810 instead of $1910, for example).

Ex: $113.71 discounted due to pro-rata.

Note: Yearly memberships are one-time payments and not subsciptions, and therefore do NOT renew automatically. There is no need to cancel a yearly membership.

Upgrading from Monthly to a Higher Tier Bundle (ie, 4C PLO OR 5C PLO, to 4C AND 5C PLO Bundle, or to PLO Range Explorer Bundle

If you are trying to add 4C or 5C to your membership, please use the 4C + 5C PLO bundle product.

  1. Go to the 4C + 5C PLO checkout page.
  2. Read the Terms you are signing up for (see screenshot).
  3. Finish signing up on the checkout page.
You will be charged $192.87 immediately, then $299/month.

Note: once you make a change to your subscription (monthly plans), the period restarts, so for example if you previously signed up on March 14 and the subscription was due to run until April 14, but on March 25 you decide to upgrade to another membership, your start date will now switch to March 25 and your renewal date would be April 25.

Switching Plan from 4C to 5C or Viceversa

Simply go to the checkout for the membership you wish to subscribe to, and sign up.

Read the terms at the top of the page (same process as upgrading to bundle shown above).

For any help or quesitons, please reach out to support@plomastermind.com